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Personality Influenza Adult Disorder is a mental disease found in mostly adult men from a wealthy family upbringing - It is the soul most incredible antic devoted to silencing FREE SPEECH of the lessor financial equipped or unfortunate members of our society.
Divisions among the poorly intellect destroys the nations 1st Amendment right.
Our 1st Amendment right to FREE SPEECH is under siege:
(meaning of AFFLUENZA

There is not a nice way to display the truth - Each statement written here are 100% based on the FACTS.
Each photo included are actual photos except The Photo of Michael Foster as clearly was immensely Photoshop in an effort to display the expected madman the Gildred's preemptively sort to establish.
The Gildred's hope of asking an NYC supreme court Justice to accept their theory over the truth and further demanding $250,000.00 is in itself proof of the Gildred's own defamatory campaign.

"It is very difficult to prove something did not happened" The easiest way was to simply at minimum any sane couple if they'd patch things up then they'll move on and ignore or try to talk to the lover - let him know they'd patch things up? But the Gildred's plan as seen unveiled here was that which is quite synonymous of The Gildreds. Clearly the Gildreds are the most innocuous con-artist of our time. This is not an attack on the Gildreds - it is a resolute attempt of sincere pity on fools with money and power that is obviously out of control.

I am no doctor of psychiatry but it was too much of a long shot to cover up what is supposed to be a lie to have had to go all the way to NYC in hopes to convince let alone the public and social media that this one guy actually never had sex with Thompson's wife or there was never any sexual affairs going on. Typical Gildred of San Diego. Natually he'd outdone himself.
"The Gildreds of San Diego"
Fairbanks, Ranch, Rancho Santé fe, Del Mar Las Ventanas, Los Palomar, Beaver Creek, Boulder Colorado etc., etc.
In September of 2016 The GILDRED FAMILY -
PHILIP THOMPSON PAUL GILDRED, GWENDOLYN and GEORGE LEWIS GILDRED, daughters attorney Julie Gildred Connolly, Tory Gildred and Anne GILDRED Simmons (Rancho Santé Fe Del Mar San Diego California an attorney (plumber), forced-favored friend SETH ALAN RAFKIN ESQ and THOMPSON's GILDRED wife (of her 2nd marriage) Mss. GLORIA CAROLINA HERNANDEZ GARCIA GILDRED Meticulously Devised and began execution of an innocuous planned to harassed, embarrass, defame, self-incriminate, and forcefully circumstantiated force-pressured depression modes upon Tom Gildred's wife Carolina Gildred... THE TANGO LOVER - MICHAEL FOSTER. But first prior to commencement of their defamation and harassment campaign, the Gildreds first used the local San Diego Lawyer John Mayer 2550 5th Avenue, Suite 520 San Diego CA 92103 (619 277-2484) in which he attempts an innocuous unconstitutional letter on behalf of the Gildred, Wife and Family in which he went on to describe basically a preamble of the Gildred's innocuous intents.
(at this juncture- a penniless broke, and heartbroken dance TANGO instructor may have already had enough emotional trauma all things considered - more Americans commit suicide over having been heartbroken than a mere description of another man alleging (according to the Gildred's lawsuit) that "he'd had sex with my wife").
The Gildred's Cease & Deices letter was an unconstitutional preemptive intent to threaten and cover up their own defamation campaign., it continued;
Not in so many words but with excruciating falsehood began to detail claims the Gildreds have already contended. i.e.: Quote "A Thinly Veiled Attempt to Extort" Unquote!, Thompson Gildred, his wife and their Family.
The Gildred's Defamation, Character and Mental Assassination had officially begun.
First his wife contacted the lover to ignore the letter, that it was unconstitutional and it was her husband doing had nothing to do with her. The letter did not mention her lover affair with the tango instructor neither did she confronted the Tango Lover of the love affair, its continuance or its closures.
Instead: Gildred's wife continued communications with Her tango lover from New York City until he was waxed into belief that the couples marital issues could rend itself resolved and Gildred's wife would inherently move towards a dance career with the Tango Lover 3,000 miles away in New York.
Once impeding the lover properly enough? Gildred and wife basically went about their lives as though nothing ever happened - except that something did happened which left a palpable love affair in a derange sphere of possibilities. Because sex or love making without condoms could F*CK you up more than drugs. The Gildreds couldn't care less.
The Gildred's decision was to Deny the affair as Tom Gildred's wife with proper knowledge after appeasing the lover made no attempt to disclose secretly or in anyways her decision or decisions regarding a less than 1-month old love affair which included Sexual intercourse without condoms.
Just imagine (the smiles) on Philip Thompson's Gildred face as he'd sealed the best deal ever. "A WIFE who would F*CK her DANCE INSTRUCTOR, CONDUCT a TWO-MONTHS long Love-Affair, which included: Flying the lover twice 1st class airfare round trip NYC-San Diego, almost $10,000 luxury hotel accommodations, a prior trip to NYC (SAN/NYC) to meet the lover, Date nights and picnic in the PARK and FAT-FACED_Openly LIE about EACH INCIDENT".
The Gildred's was not convince the Love-Struck-F*CK was going to be faded over the hills properly so much as the need to Launch their 2nd waive of Defamatory (A favored friend x-husband NYC Psychiatrist voluntarily pend a professional letter of opinion in which the Tango Lover was described as a Mad-Man with a Mental Disease Quote; "A CASE of DANGEROUS EROTOMANIA" unquote; the Gildreds would continues throughout as the time goes by it requires the Gildred to further lies and reasons for the DEFAMTIONS, innocuous HARASSMENTS and the Gildred's intent BENT on inflicting a formal CHARACTER and MENTAL ASSAINATION they'd planned from Sep.2016 as a cover-up on an infidelity in their marriage and to properly GAG the possibilities, had it been the lover could have had a desire to reason what went wrong.
The Gildred also had over-set incriminating plans to destroy the lover if he were to have self-incriminate by traveling to San Diego under any intent - Thompson Gildred and wife was ready to Lie to the face of their Favored or forced-favored San Diego Fairbanks Rancho Santé Fe Law keepers to properly incarcerate the Tango Lover.
The Gildreds are presently maintaining contacts in social circles in NYC known to be frequented by the Tango x-Lover Dance Instructor.
How did things go queerly indifferent:
(What is now and then GILDRED ideology)
What we've got on Thompson Gildred:
He is the modern man Populace to top rated friends, good lawyers in a vast network of golf buddies and business associates and a few professional victims (x-staff, employees etc.) who can be easily nudged into force-favored intent.
Gildred's Prime Intent:
Prove himself and wife an exception to effectuate a mental, potentially criminal and character assassination upon his wife's x-lover by means of "An Innocuous Harassment and Defamation Campaign".
Thompson & wife Carolina Gildred ultimate Cause/reason:
cause/reason Tom Gildred: "Personality Affluenza Adult Disorder"
cause/reason of her 2nd marriage wife Gloria Carolina Hernandez Garcia & Gildred:
cause:??? "Undetected"
However certain side effects are:
Intense anxiety brought on my immense suspiciousness.
Indiscreet, hateful harboring coupled with an amalgamated intent on portraying the role of being the victim.
If wife doesn't self realize or seek mental help? She's destine for mental self destruction.
(as a matter of opinion)
Husband Thompson Gildred must first acknowledge a "Personality Affluenza Adult Disorder".
A likely mental disorder with CASH on hand and his constant Focus on be it as it may "False Accreditations" makes Tom Gildred almost a hopeless case.
Then it's left up to his family specifically Mr. & Mss. George Gwen Gildred to reTHINK their sons actions are in fact perfectly normal.

Tom Gildred and wife derange entertainment over up to 18months so far includes:
1. The constructive innocuous use of friends in the News Print Media CA/NYC.*

2. Harness and Construct an innocuous psychiatric report on the intended victim* (the Gildreds carefully enforced x-husband and psychiatrist from NYC to assimilate a be it as it may be FALSE mental diagnosis). By issuing a written professional opinion such intentionally conspicuously hidden from the public and the person it's intended to diagnose. No prior doctor patient interaction. (The Gildreds main innocuous harassment Tool).

3. A Forced favored intent. They CREATED a (false) police report in which The Gildreds claimed criminal harassment and fear for their lives the police report in California & New York. (No contact yet heard of by either NYC police or the police in California to person of interest in report. But the Gildreds and wife meticulously circulated its defamatory content among friends of Michael Foster in NYC known to have had quibble with the Popular NYC Tango instructor. The report is almost 2yrs old.

4. The Gildreds then innocuously forced favored an esteemed Attorney's Seth Alan Rafkin in persuasive admonitions to launch the ultimate let alone, be it as it may PERSONAL and MENTAL CHARACTER ASSASSINATION with intent on SELF INCRIMINATING wife's Tango lover at will or at minimal at least so as a retort assumed by the Gildreds in circulation of the love affair would Cease & Decease according to the Gildreds preemptive (unconstitutional) legal letter sent by attorney John Mayor who at first represented Thompson Gildred and Wife Mss. Gildred.

5. The Gildred (Husband & wife team) then over a 3 week period surreptitiously had his wife pretend be in love with him while he was in NYC by persuasively acting as the victim of husband Tom Gildred who was abusive to her even persuading him that Her near teenage daughter was at risk of honcho etc., etc., IMMEDIATELY once the Gildreds and their innocuous false favored attorney found the TANGO LOVER had persuasively GONE MAD enough their move was on to berry the hatchet by

5. Launching an archipelago of incremental innocuous circumstances including the use of Tom Gildreds populace contacts in California and NYC.

The assumed MADNESSES of the Tango Lover was innocuously Equated to that of the madness's of the California couple who is yet to close on an ongoing litigation in the New York Supreme Court.
The Tango Lover is acting Pro Se for fear it's easier the Gildreds could convince any attorney innocuously by force favored pay per usage.

In the meantime Thank God for a 1st Amendment Right to FREE SPEECH.
Be it as it may.
The Gildreds May eventual win their court litigation proceedings but until the THE GENERAL PUBLIC IN Del Mar, Rancho Santé Fe, Fairbanks Ranch, 92130 San Diego, California and New York City needs to know the truth and trust your instincts to unraveling the rights of an ordinary Tango Dance artist instructor who'd happened upon a misshaped after being persuaded by a lover in Mss. gildred Carolina Gloria Hernandez Garcia that somehow she wanted him closer enough for him to want her to his ultimate madness.

This woman was surely wrong.
Shame on Mr. Philip Thompson Gildred of Del Mar Rancho Santé Fe California.
STOP! Stop., stop!
You your wife (the sex affair was, is OVER) no lawsuit or continued dirty incriminating circumstances would undue that.
What's written is written they are not lies and they are not meant to defame you.
It's REALITY and you are the only ones populating your own defamation from the day you concocted a preemptive unconstitutional Cease & Decease letter in hopes it would intimidate an x-lover from talking to anyone of an affair with your wife.

This artist MICHAEL FOSTER would have NEVER said to a soul of the infidelity let alone make an attempt according to your false claims and false police report and innocuous news pay per defamation report - contrary? He would have bid you both a happy life.
All you and your wife needed was to simply accept the fact of coexistence.
Like most people it would have faded away.
If this note doesn't persuade you? Then surely you are beyond repair and so, so Sic.

The act did not work THE GILDREDS OF SAN DIEGO, with intention to scare and GAG MICHAEL FOSTER THE TANGO INSTRUCTOR FROM NEW YORK CITY by Launching a preemptive DEFAMATION LAWSUIT 3,000 miles away from their Rancho Santé Fe home at the New York Supreme Court.
#1 intention was and still is:- To silence the Tango Instructor from NYC (Michael Foster) by implementing a litany of Force-full Innocuous Incremental Circumstantial Intimidation's in the hopes Michael Foster would at a minimal limit: Self inflict each of the Gildred incremental lies claimed in their frivolous lawsuit.

The product of Self-incrimination of himself was so-far A COMPULSIVE MUST-Happened.

All the GILDRED's needs to do is sit-back, relax in hopes he'll succumb to their innocuous increments.
Who would assert such HIGHLY ARTICULATED ACCOUNTABILITY but A well positioned Ernst & Young CEO Entrepreneur of the year AWARDEE Philip Tom (Thompson Paul) Gildred. The SAN DIEGO Rancho Sante Fe Fairbanks Ranch Del Mar California self proclaimed PHILANTHROPIST.

Tom Gildred and by the GILDRED and their Friends Namely: a plumber attorney Seth Alan Rafkin ESQ (a man who would murder a child if his client pays him to do so) A forced-favored police source in San Diego who'd favored the Gildreds and accept and filed false report in which the Gildred Thompson and Wife Gloria perpetually states they'll fear for their lives at the hands of the NYC Tango Instructor Michael Foster.

That wasn't enough: The Gildreds eschewed further intent and acquired A psychiatrist namely (redacted) Dr. Orlando Garcia conveniently the very Doctor who's innocuous behaviorist aptitude held him accountable to a fine and the revocation of his medical practice license for among all things "Having Sex at home-office and office with a female patient" and most astonishingly the psychiatrist (JUST) happens to be the x-husband of Philip Thompson's Wife Gloria Carolina Hernandez Garcia Gildred.
Too good to be the TRUTH?
A copy of the bogus psychiatrist "Professional Opinion" can be found at one of the web urls the Gildreds claim was registered to Defamed them.
How so are the pitiful and innocent Gildreds of San Diego?All in all and some; the Gildreds of San Diego California intent worsened overtime as each innocuous intent stonewalled a casual honest response of grief and the need to STOP PLEASE seen at Many social media requests from the Tango Instructor from New York City...,

The Gildred continued use of force depression tactics by implementing their incremental modes of forces depression and harassment innocuously through the past 2 years strengthened by the virtual Straight-Jacket of a formal NYC Supreme Court litigation, a false police report, a psychiatrist report fueling the process and the fact that the fame GILDRED OF SAN DIEGO have the time, money and powerful contacts "innocuous friends" in SUPPORT: A fictitious Pay Per New York Daily News and New York Post report and even a fade Supreme Court Judge who could be doubled as an handwriting expert.

Their increments are so devious that apparently the meticulous identity HACK of the Tango Instructor x-Lover is meticulous GAGGED and subcutaneously STRAIGHT-JACKETED. Any upright move could render the TANGO LOVER affixiate.
The GILDRED SORT TO IT BY IMPLEMENTING A CAREFULLY ROOTED Preemptive (unconstitutional) cease & decease letter from a San Diego lawyer John Mayor.
This video message describes who Michael Foster the Tango Instructor from New York City is and WHO are THE GILDRED FAMILY OF SAN DIEGO CALIFORNIA.

Thompson and wife Gloria gildred soul intent is to force fulfill the MENTAL ASSASSINATION OF AN OTHERWISE HELPLESS POOR AND PENNILESS GENTLEMAN WHO ONLY DID WHAT HE THOUGHT WAS BEAT IN AN UNEXPECTED, unpredictable SEXUAL LOVE AFFAIR HE'd had with another mans wife during the months of June through August of 2016.
Michael Foster have made a written apology to this effect in which he'd voluntarily disclaim sexual relations for the sakes of the Gildred Thompson or his wife Gloria Carolina Gildred to carry on with their lives. But instead Thompson and his bulldog plumber attorney use the same ineptly written letter in which to bolster the false claims, preemptive false police reports and proceeded to harass with egregious attempts in every ways so much as to inform Michael Fosters Landlord in hopes he'd get kicked into the streets, so much as to connect with friends of friends held prior through Thompson's wife Gloria Hernandez contacts in New York City so as Michael Foster could not go out to certain restaurants which he'd usually frequent and more.

By virtue of the many attempts to character assassination and force depression modes to self incrimination and ultimately intimidating a force mental assassination upon an otherwise regular guy who happens to be a Dance Instructor from New York City and the young man who'd mistakenly had an affair which included consensus sex with the daughter in law of Gwendolyn And GEORGE GILDRED it is blatantly wrongful character assassination and wrongly adversely pursuit in a litigation.

Know who the GILDREDS OF SAN DIEGO TRULLY ARE - they are with intent - a conniving innocuous group of very ugly individuals who cover under the close of cash favored friends and innovate manipulation.
They are RATS To our society and intermittently a family who's personality is driven by "ADULT AFFLUENZA".
They would not admit there's something wrong with themselves though it's impeding by this present example.
Imagine Thompson's desires to trademark his name in order to perpetuate himself in public services.
Such as a tactic to override what regular public servants represents when they are called upon under reasons of falsehoods or illegality- Thompson wants to be covered as a product or service which cannot be held responsible for doing anything wrong.
Shame on the Gildreds of San Diego.
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